Dreams Come True

We have known Mr.Netzel for seven years as he was the listing agent for the home we first bought in Ross, Twp. Mr Netzel stayed in touch with us over the period of seven years. My wife and I were interested in upgrading and for the past two years Mr. Netzel set up appointment after appointment but the houses just weren’t for us until this past April ’16. We found the house we loved and contacted Mr. Netzel immediately who just so happened to be the listing agent. When we decided to get serious Mr. Netzel gave us the best advice a Realtor could give. We put our house on the market and in less than A DAY we had an offer. Mr.Netzel got us under contract with the buyer and we quickly made an offer on the house we wanted. The process to get under contract for both transactions took less than a day and we couldn’t be happier in our new home. Mike managed our emotions through the closing process and gave us advice on things to do that we didnt want to hear keep the buyers “at the table”. We were not happy but our vision was on the new house not the one we were selling so in the bigger scheme of things, Mike was right the entire way through. Mike kept us “in check” and kept the process moving forward. Having that type of Emotional Intelligence put our Family into our dream house! Thank you Mike Netzel and your wonderful TEAM!!!