Estate Made Easy

I had a complex estate responsibility which required an efficient sale of a local property. I interviewed respected realtors but found an easy decision in selecting the services of Mike Netzel and the Netzel Team. The team approach has been most effective. Responses to my questions were quick and comprehensive. Mike Netzel guided me through the needed steps of analyzing the most beneficial decision for the estate. His use of technology, such as “Go to Meetin”, made the process so much more efficient than trips to the office. Mike and his team members are not only professional but cordial and understand in dealing with clients. They each seemed to recognize that although this process is second nature to them, it was not for the client. It was my pleasure to meet and work with the Netzel Team. Mike was an expert in analyzing the target market price and aspects of the property that would be important to the potential buyers. I strongly recommend the services of Mike Netzel and The Mike Netzel Team.