Referrals Matter

Friends of our had purchased a home through Mike, and they were very pleased. When we were looking for a home, we found one on our own that we liked very much; it was early in the process, but we just happened on it rather quickly. We called Mike and asked him to represent us in the purchase. He gave us good advice throughout the buying process and helped us to negotiate a fair price. Concurrently, he provided positive suggestions to prepare our old house before we put it on the market; he continued “nagging” (a good thing, in this case) until those jobs were completed. He provided good support personnel for the jobs that we could not do ourselves. Mike predicted accurately the exact demographic of the eventual buyers of our home. He chose an outstanding photographer who presented our home in the best possible way. When it was placed on the market, our house sold in less than one day for more than we were asking (with an escalator clause). Less